Our Cottage

Welcome to our beautiful cottage at Halls Pond, in South Paris, Maine.  Nestled in the Western Maine foothills, Halls Pond is a preserved drinking supply for nearby Hebron Academy.  Because motorized boats and swimming are prohibited, the area remains a sanctuary for many creatures, both on land and in the water.  Each summer great blue herons return to their rookery to raise their young and loons wake us with their unique calls. Eagles, osprey, hawks and deer are often seen and moose prints are all around the pond. Our cottage sits back from the pond, with south-facing windows.  It is furnished and has a kitchen, full bathroom,  washing machine, wood stove and propane heat.  Firewood is available in the attached woodshed, and food grown and harvested on our land is available for purchase.

Our small farm, Starlight Pastures, offers fresh eggs, pork products, chicken, maple syrup and fresh vegetables from our gardens and greenhouse.

Halls Pond Healing Arts, is located on the property and offers massage, yoga classes, life transition counsel, monthly dance opportunities and workshops throughout the year



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